Friday, May 13, 2011

The Richmond


oil on linen panel

This is a wonderful old art deco hotel that my wife and I stayed at when we were in South Beach Miami the other month. It was great, the hotel backed up to the beach, so it only took a couple minutes to get from hotel to the beach.


Dean H. said...

Amazing work, my friend! The perspective is so right on and the colors fit perfectly! Even on such a small scale the letters are well formed. As I said, "Amazing"!

Dana Cooper said...

This is quintessential Miami Edward...great job!

Karen Bruson said...

I know exactly where this is. Great job.

hmuxo said...

Excellent work, Edward! I'm not sure how I missed your "Down time". I think that was an amazing painting with those green did a great job ..a little nostalgic!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

I love this painting and the art deco feel to it. Beautiful greens that keep the eye moving around the picture.

Trevor Lingard said...

Great work Edward.
A well balanced composition.
I hope you are keeping well.
All the best.