Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Site For Sorolla Fans

I was recently contacted by Iain Vellacott, a wonderful artist living in the south west of France letting me know of his new website devoted to the master Spanish artist Joaquin Sorolla. Check out his site by clicking Sorolla Paintings. There's even a section devoted to his quotes.


FCP said...

It is a wonderful website--thanks for pointing it out, Edward.

Tammy Hext said...

I like the website too. Thanks for also introducing Iain's work as well.

Iain Vellacott said...

Dear Edward
Thanks so much for mentioning my new Sorolla site on your excellent blog – for me it is so exciting to be able to introduce people, often for the first time, to the work of Joaquin Sorolla – the warmth and intensity of the Valencian light, the interest and movement in his compositions, the freedom of his brushstrokes, ........
The Sorolla exhibition which has been travelling around Spain over the past couple of years ends in January when the paintings are due to be returned to their owners.
This means that paintings such as Aymonte, the Tuna Catch will be going back to the Hispanic Society in New York. Although I am not generally wild about the Panels series (which to me radiate the same sort of constrained feelings as a caged lion and clearly became a major burden to Sorolla) this and paintings such as the Palm Grove would be worth the trip on their own. I believe that they also have a number of his beach scenes.
I am most impressed with your paintings and look forward to following your blog over the coming months – and hopefully seeing some more of your cycling paintings as I start to think about doing a couple of paintings to celebrate the arrival of the Tour de France here in Revel next summer.
I have a paintings blog at but it is nothing like as good as yours!
With best wishes from a cold and snowy France.

Málaga said...

Thank you for the website.

L.Holm said...

excellent. thanks for the lead!

c.gillespie said...

Thanks for this info, Edward. I love Sorolla.